Thursday, 12 February 2015

CB Art Photography Reviews The Milni

CB Art Photography ReviewsCB Art Photography reviews all aspects of a Sikh wedding, including the many traditions that are practiced throughout the day. The milni is one of these traditions, and it usually takes place shortly after the Braat arrives at the Gurdwara and is greeted by the bride’s family.

The tradition begins as the Braat exits their vehicle or steps off their horses. Then, each designated family member exchanges a garland and a hug one by one. The groom then distributes a ceremonial kind of pudding called Karah Prashad to his family. The tradition is filled with well wishes from each family before they move into a tent or similar designated area next to the Gurdwara to have a moment of snacks and tea before entering the Gurdwara for the traditional ceremony.

CB Art Photography Reviews
The milna is a tradition of greeting and showing of respect and approval for both the bride’s and groom’s families, as relatives who may have not met yet take this time to gather and get acquainted with each other before their families are conjoined by marriage. For those who have already met each other, it is still a time for members of each family to take a step back and look at by how much their extended family will grow. It is a joyous moment for everyone at the wedding, especially the bride and groom who get to show off their beautiful families.

CB Art Photography reviews these traditions so that they know when the best times are to start taking shots with their camera.

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