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CB Art Photography Reviews Sikh Wedding Aftermath

CB Art Photography reviews the receptions that take place after a Sikh wedding ceremony; and they are very familiar with the customs and traditions of the Sikh people, so as to be able to have those cameras ready for the most memorable moments throughout a wedding. Below, shares their description of the aftermath of a Sikh Wedding, as documented from the one they display on their website.

CB Art Photography Reviews

“After the official religious ceremony concluded the couple ate in the langer hall and chatted with friends and family. They later went to a park to have some photographs taken and then journeyed to the brides home. When leaving her home the bride’s family and friends bid her a tearful farewell as she departs for her new home and life. The following day there was a party in a banquet hall with a cake cutting ceremony as well as the couple performing a first dance and exchanging their wedding rings. Family and friends then danced the night away and enjoyed dinner.”

CB Art Photography Reviews

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

CB Art Photography Reviews Guru Ram Das

The expert staff at CB Art Photography reviews a number of Sikh wedding ceremony traditions in order to capture the most touching moments with their cameras. They also know the readings that take place at these events, such as the Guru Ram Das, which is explained by below:

“The officiate now reads the Lavan hymn of Guru Ram Das which is composed of four stanzas. The four stanza of the hymn describes the progression of love between a husband and wife which is analogous to that between the soul (bride) and God (the husband). After the conclusion of the recitation of each stanza the groom followed by the bride holding the end of the scarf go around Sri Guru Granth Sahib in a clockwise direction while the ragis sing out the recited Lavan stanza. After each round the couple sit down and listen while the officiate reads the next stanza. The ragis then sing it while the couple completes another walk around Sri Guru Granth Sahib. This process is repeated four times in total for each stanza of the Lavan after which the couple sit down. During their walk around Sri Guru Granth Sahib often there will be members of the girls family who help her complete her rounds with her husband.

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CB Art Photography Reviews Ceremonial Closings

CB Art Photography Reviews CB Art Photography reviews all sequences of a Sikh wedding so that they can have their cameras on and ready to shoot when the most precious moments within the ceremony are taking place. This includes the closing sequence of the wedding, which comes after the couple has listened to the Anand Sahib hymn, heard a lecture about marriage success, passed Karah Prashad to everyone and performed the final Ardas. According to, this is how the closing ceremony of a Sikh wedding is carried out:

“After the Lavan the Anand hymn by Guru Amar Das is recited. This is followed by lectures and kirtan. The religious ceremony is formally concluded by the entire congregation standing for the final Ardas of the marriage. After this Sri Guru Granth Sahib is now opened to any page at random and the hymn is read out as the days order from the Guru for the occasion (hukamnama). Karah Prashad, ceremonial sacramental pudding is then distributed to everyone to mark the formal conclusion of the ceremony”

CB Art Photography Reviews all the most critical parts of traditional religious weddings so that they are never surprised, and that they are always ready to capture those moments of joy that the bride and groom will cherish for the rest of their lives.

CB Art Photography Reviews

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Thursday, 12 February 2015

CB Art Photography Reviews: Entering the Gurdwara

CB Art Photography reviewsCB Art Photography reviews all of the most picturesque moments of a Sikh wedding, which means they are well-versed in what to expect and when to have their cameras ready and rolling. Entering the Gurdwara is a big part of the ceremony and is usually carried out in a specific way with common, distinguishable practices and behaviors that accentuate the moment.

During the entering, people file in one by one as sounds of kirtan are played throughout the Gurdwara. Each person stops to pay respect to the Sri Guru Grath Sahib. As the groom in his parents enter, a cash offering as well as a rumula, or silk covering, is presented to the Sri Guru Grath Sahib. The groom then sits by the shrine and waits for the bride. The bride then enters and sits next to the groom as everyone is seated.

As this part of the ceremony is described on
“Ragis perform kirtan (the singing of hymns from Sri Guru Granth Sahib) as people begin to enter the Gurdwara for the beginning of the ceremony. This is when the bride makes here first public appearance of the day.

CB Art Photography Reviews The Milni

CB Art Photography ReviewsCB Art Photography reviews all aspects of a Sikh wedding, including the many traditions that are practiced throughout the day. The milni is one of these traditions, and it usually takes place shortly after the Braat arrives at the Gurdwara and is greeted by the bride’s family.

The tradition begins as the Braat exits their vehicle or steps off their horses. Then, each designated family member exchanges a garland and a hug one by one. The groom then distributes a ceremonial kind of pudding called Karah Prashad to his family. The tradition is filled with well wishes from each family before they move into a tent or similar designated area next to the Gurdwara to have a moment of snacks and tea before entering the Gurdwara for the traditional ceremony.

CB Art Photography Reviews
The milna is a tradition of greeting and showing of respect and approval for both the bride’s and groom’s families, as relatives who may have not met yet take this time to gather and get acquainted with each other before their families are conjoined by marriage. For those who have already met each other, it is still a time for members of each family to take a step back and look at by how much their extended family will grow. It is a joyous moment for everyone at the wedding, especially the bride and groom who get to show off their beautiful families.

CB Art Photography reviews these traditions so that they know when the best times are to start taking shots with their camera.

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

CB Art Photography Reviews Performing Ardas

CB Art Photography reviews a number of Sikh traditions so that they are able to capture the most touching moments of a traditional Sikh wedding. One of these traditions is the routine performing of Ardas, a common prayer that they regularly practice throughout their lives as well as a part of traditional ceremonies.

Ardas are usually performedbefore or after a large undertaking, one in the morning and one in the evening. The at-home preparations of Sikh weddings that take place before meeting at the Gurdwara are usually performed in front of the Sri Guru Grath Sahib, a sacred place within the home that is designated for prayer and religious ceremonies.

Ardas are performed throughout the wedding ceremony, usually in groups. The before, during and after of the wedding are all decorated by the routine prayer. As it is described in Wikipedia:

“The Ardās is usually always done standing up with folded hands and is commonly preceded by the eighth stanza of the fourth ashtapadi of the bani Sukhmani, beginning Tu Thakur Tum Peh Ardaas. The beginning of the Ardās is strictly set by the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh and may not be altered or omitted. It appears as the opening passage of Var Sri Bhagauti Ji Ki and is an invocation to God and reminder of the Sikh Gurus.”

CB Art Photography gets excellentreviews for their culturally and technology trained staff of experts who know how to get all the best shots of a wedding without overbearing their presence. 

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